Marcus Hilton MBE

"It doesn't get any better than this - the best dancers in the world supported by the best orchestra in the world. Wow!"

"...it's the most incredible sound I've ever heard"

"...quite simply, this is the finest orchestra in the world today".

Peter Maxwell

"The music is phenomenal. It's by far the best orchestra I've heard in all the years I have been coming to Blackpool."

Kenny Welsh





Ashley Frohlick

Ashley Frohlick
Musical Director

The Empress Orchestra is highly regarded as “the finest orchestra in the world” for Ballroom dancing.

We are the first choice orchestra for the:

Blackpool Dance Festival

WDC World Professional Latin Dance Championship

WDC World Professional Ballroom Dance Championship

Blackpool Junior Dance Festival

Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival

British National Dance Championships

Blackpool Dance Festival China

Italian National Dance Championships

Autumn Moscow Cup

The London Ball

Blackpool Tower Ballroom
2004 - 2016...



main title

The Empress Dance Band ® and Empress Orchestra ® are two of the world’s finest ensembles for Ballroom Dancing, the latter performing for five of the most prestigious dance events in the world.

Since our formation in 2002, we have played dance music for around half a million people. Our music has been broadcast to over 70 countries worldwide and listened to by over 140 million people. This astounding fact does not yet include countries from Asia, where their passion for ballroom dancing would elevate figures to breathtaking heights.

Our music has been featured on programmes recorded by the: BBC, ITV,
Channel 4, CBeebies, RTL and Sky1 and has recently been featured on BBC
Radio 2 (see blog for details).

As a testament to our consistently high standards and musicianship we have a busy schedule with contracts through to the end of year 2019.

Video footage courtesy of Studio Himawari Ltd, recorded during the Blackpool Dance Festival 2009

New album Always &  Foreverwith you in mind CD

The album 'With You In Mind' is the second CD to be released by the Empress Orchestra. It is a unique album filled with new and exciting music to inspire the world's finest. 18 tracks of Ballroom and Latin American music with 12 original compositions available nowhere else in the world.

'With You In Mind' captures the very best of Ballroom on one CD.

WITH YOU IN MIND DEATH BY SAMBA always and forever download
Also the above albums will be available for download from i-Tunes and Google Play after 26 May 2016. Click here for list of tracks on each album